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Prohibition Kitchen – Food Review


For my appetizer at the Prohibition Kitchen, I got the charcuterie board. The bread was crunchy and was delicious with the cheese and meat. There was also pickled peaches, gouda, and port wine cheese



At the Prohibition kitchen, we also got the PK Poutine, it was cheesy and had fries and also pig belly meat. This was so delicious and the fries were perfectly salted.

This restaurant was so fun and the food was delicious! If you're in town make sure to check it out!

Food Review – Conch House



For my appetizer at the Conch House, I got the peel and eat shrimp which was so good! It had a delicious seasoning and was even better with the lemon and cocktail sauce.

For my entree I got the lobster mac and cheese, I loved it. It had a little bit of cheese on top and had a delicious lobster sauce mixed with the melted cheese. I definitely recommend this for an entree.



My Grandma got the shrimp tacos which were also very good. There is corn, shrimp, and a side of rice and beans. It was very good and I also recommend this.

If you get there before it opens, you may be able to get a tiki hut above the water which is in the background on the photo on the right. You also get this beautiful view from the hut which you can see on the left. It was so fun to go here and is definitely one of my new favorite restaurants! If you are in St. Augustine make sure you check out the Conch House!

Restaurant Review – St. Mary’s Seafood


I got the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail for my appetizer and it was delicious! They add lots of ice to make it cold which is how i like it but if you like it hot they warm it up. It was so refreshing and also has a delicious sauce on top.

                                                                                       PRICE : 14.99 

PRICE : 10.99

My Grandma got the Boom Boom Shrimp appetizer and she said it was good. They added a side of ranch to it and it was very tasty. She got the shrimp blackened and also had a nice sauce on top.

For my lunch I got crab cakes with mac and cheese, french fries, and hush puppies. They give you a lot of food and it is very filling so we made sure to take the rest home to have later. The crab cakes were pretty good and were fresh. The mac and cheese was very good and I don't like mac and cheese. The hush puppies were sweet and crunchy on the outside but smooth on the inside, they were very good .

                                                                                    PRICE : 16.99

PRICE : 5.99

Lastly, for dessert we got Reeses Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie which was so good! It had chocolate drizzle, peanut butter chips, and bits of chocolate on top. On the bottom is a layer of hard chocolate and the rest is a mix of creamy peanut butter and chocolate.

You can even feed the fish and the turtles that come! There is a little fish food machine that you can use to feed the fish. You just insert a quarter and turn and it gives you a lot of fish food.

The food was so good and it is so fun to feed the fish and turtles! If you go, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

First Restaurant Review – Pizzaley’s Chianti Room

This is my first food review! At Pizzaley’s Chianti Room in St.Augustine Florida, I ordered Mozzarella Moons for my appetizer which are fried mozzarella in the shape of a moon. For my Entree I ordered angel hair pasta with marinara sauce and i also chose some broccoli and grilled shrimp with the pasta, i also got a side of Pasta Fazool. My Grandma got Seafood Pescatore for her entree, and a house salad for her appetizer. And for dessert we got Tiramisu.


These fried mozzarella moons were so delicious and very cheesy. They came with a delicious tomato sauce which tastes so good with the mozzarella moons! I definitely recommend these for an appetizer!


This was the angel hair pasta that i ordered and it was delicious, it was all very fresh and gives you the right amount of food! This is one of my new favorite pastas and the shrimp was also very good. I definitely recommend this for an appetizer.


I got pasta fazool for my entree side and it was so good! It  was my first time trying it and I loved it. It tased just like 50 bean soup with pasta added in to it!  I hope you try it if you go to Pizzaley’s Chianti room!


We got this tiramisu for dessert and it was one of the best desserts that i have ever had. It is pretty big and after you eat all those appetizers and the entree, it is pretty hard to eat so make sure you take it to go if you are too full.


This was the Seafood Pescatore my Grandma ordered, It has clams, shrimp, and even squid! I tried all of it and loved it! The clams were a bit salted and also have melty cheese in them, they were so good! The pasta is cheesy too and is definitely another one of my favorite pastas!

We were following the directions on an app but i saw the sign and we got in through the back door. Shortcut!

Babi’s Review: “Really enjoyed lunch at Pizzalley with my granddaughter. Very generous portions, and good food. Service and atmosphere top notch. “